There are many professions where experts are well known to be well seasoned, experienced with significant depth of knowledge in a particular area. In cloud computing this definition begins to dissolve given how frequently and dramatically things change. A former expert may know less than a novice in given scenarios, I have been witness to this phenomenon.

So experts hold on to your hats as you find yourself more and more often having to say “I don’t know. I will have to get back to you on that.” If expertise is not based on your depth of knowledge on a particular subject, what will it be based upon? We offer one novel view on this subject.

So as I began to examine our need to develop skills in Cloud Computing, I quickly found the need to learn in networks and independently, proactively and just-in-time, with mentors and mentees. There was no facility available to support this new learning challenge, so I created the world’s first learning and career development online community. Please join the pre-launch at RTriad.PRO and “Learn to Earn”.