RTriad Enterprises, LLC is a privately owned IT consulting business that specializes in helping small businesses strategize, design, implement, maintain and service Microsoft IT solutions. Founded by Kevin Robinson, a certified Microsoft Engineer with over 20 years of experience.

Mr. Robinson set out to help local businesses grow by providing the tools, training and expert guidance. If you could talk to someone about the challenges of growing your business, without spending a dime, would you? Follow us on #AskRTriad and see how we help organizations make smooth transitions to cloud computing, specifically with Microsoft’s Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Microsoft 365 and Office 365 often using Hybrid Identity solutions, like federation with ADFS and Seamless Single Sign On (SSO).

Building Growth For Our Clients

0 Transition is a dynamic process involving many moving parts. It starts with leadership identifying a need, deciding on a strategy, finding the tools and resources, allocating those resources, implementing the transition, and managing change. We often see great transitions fail due to poor change management.

0 Changing the internal operations and infrastructure of a business has a penetrating impact on company culture, morale, and productivity if not managed properly. That is where RTiad differs from other IT consulting services. We provide the guidance and training to ensure that your investment in progressive solutions not only improves outcomes, but that the improvements are sustainable.

0 RTiad offers several Microsoft Office 365 and Azure training courses in person and on-demand, including Azure Fast Starts and EMS + Security Fast Start. As well we help businesses rationalize and transition to cloud services to digitally transform their business. Learning and Career Development Early Adopters sign up: //


RTriad is a team of dedicated professionals who embrace your business goals and commit to providing you the best solutions, service and tools to reach your objectives.


RTriad is a cloud technology company focused on people. Specifically, how to smoothly learn and consume cloud services to make companies more competitive, more efficient and more secure. We offer:

    • Training
    • Consulting
    • Networking with peers and experts
    • Mentoring
    • Coaching


RTriad Enterprises LLC was founded in 2016, by Kevin Robinson, with the vision: Helping people to build confidence in consuming and learning how to leverage cloud services. After retiring from Microsoft, he began looking at how to help others establish their careers and small and medium sized businesses grow using cloud computing.

With the belief that the cloud services are key to leveling the playing field in business, RTriad is focused on helping businesses who haven’t migrated over to cloud understand where the value is in cloud services and how to capture that value for their business.

RTriad seeks to help cultivate talent support the “future of work” in a changing economy. Unlike many in our industry we feel that training is just the beginning to having a successful career in cloud technology.

“RTriad is a company focused on helping individuals and businesses derive great value from Cloud Services. We are skilled in speaking in business terms (not “tech-eeze”) so you fully understand where the value is in adopting Cloud technology. By leveling the playing field through proper implementation and use of technology in line with your business strategy, we hope to earn the position to be your trusted technology partner as you grow your business. We are also building a “Cloud Army” to ensure that you have access to the best cloud professionals now and in the future.”

-Kevin Robinson
-President & CTO

What Does It Mean To Be A Microsoft Certified Partner?

Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) is a firm that provides Microsoft-related products or services, and is part of the Microsoft Partner Network. An MCP is confirmed by Microsoft to be official, and meets specific levels of performance. They help customers with a wide range of information technology (IT) projects and specific products and services. Many MCPs provide Microsoft services on behalf of Microsoft worldwide, spanning many fields including cloud computing.

Expertise & Guidance to Leverage The Cloud

Rtriad Is an Authorized Microsoft Solutions Partner Serving Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

The process to implement cloud technology is a simple three step process:

Cloud Assessment

We analyze your existing network infrastructure and identify areas of opportunity that will help you set the right growth goals in the envisioning step.


From the Cloud Assessment, you can set goals and benchmarks to help you determine and allocate resources.


We develop a customized roadmap to help you implement the cloud technology and set you up to achieve your goals

Running your business and growing your business are two different things. Our clients receive dedicated IT solutions for all of their technology needs, specializing in Microsoft Windows, Servers, Office 365, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Data Management, Disaster Recovery, Network Security, and training. RTriad helps you get the most out of new technology and achieve better outcomes faster.

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