Cloud Services Gives You The Advantage

Liberate Your Teams To Get More Done Without The Need For Additional Hardware Or Downtime So That You Can Grow Without Hurdles


Running your business with Cloud Services can reduce downtime, improve efficiency and minimize cost of purchasing hardware, software and the skilled labor to keep it running. This level of efficiency can expand your capabilities for future growth and functionality when you need it.


Your teams will have the power to do more and collaborate easily from anywhere, on any device, securely. With remote access to file shares and applications, employees can collaborate, access data, upload, and download files using any internet-connected device.


RTriad provides a smooth transition to move your business to the Cloud. Whether it’s server configuration, migrating data and applications, training teams, or upgrading platforms, we minimize the risk for potential complications.

Developing Growth in North Carolina

Expertise & Guidance to Leverage The Cloud

Rtriad Is an Authorized Microsoft Solutions Partner Serving Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

The process to implement cloud technology is a simple three step process:

Cloud Assessment

We analyze your existing network infrastructure and identify areas of opportunity that will help you set the right growth goals in the envisioning step.


From the Cloud Assessment, you can set goals and benchmarks to help you determine and allocate resources.


We develop a customized roadmap to help you implement the cloud technology and set you up to achieve your goals

Running your business and growing your business are two different things. Our clients receive dedicated IT solutions for all of their technology needs, specializing in Microsoft Windows, Servers, Office 365, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Data Management, Disaster Recovery, Network Security, and training. RTriad helps you get the most out of new technology and achieve better outcomes faster.

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RTriad is an authorized Microsoft Partner providing Microsoft Cloud solutions to businesses across the United States. We help businesses with strategic cloud assessments, planning, design, implementation and training to support their transition into the Cloud. We specialize in Microsoft® 365, Office 365, Microsoft® Azure, DevOps, Cloud Security and Disaster Recovery. RTriad helps make your cloud journey smoother by increasing your velocity and understanding, reducing impact of errors and leveraging Microsoft “best practices.”

Watch the video to get see how Microsoft Cloud services helps businesses work better.


  • Smooth Transition to Microsoft 365 Without Disruptions
  • Single Project Manager to Simplify Communications
  • Post- Transition and Support & Training
  • 24/7 Expert Support Above & Beyond Microsoft
Microsoft 365 for Business



Azure is a Microsoft Cloud service that is made up of managed data centers across the globe to provide a contiguous user experience to its customers securely. These managed data centers host various services that allow companies to develop and host apps, securely store and access data remotely, and host several other custom services. Azure is known as a cloud provider that provides access to computing services—like servers, storage, networking, software—over the internet (“the cloud”). For example, instead of storing personal documents and photos on your personal computer’s hard drive or mobile device, most people now store them online: that’s cloud computing. These platforms tend to be less expensive and more secure, reliable, and flexible than hosting and managing servers in-house. 

Watch the video to get see how Microsoft Azure helps businesses develop better solutions.