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With Microsoft Cloud Solutions, you will be able to collaborate, manage your data, share resources, improve customer engagement, and empower your teams to do more from anywhere securely.

Cloud Services

RTriad is a Microsoft Partner serving Microsoft Cloud customers across the United States. We provide strategic IT planning, assessments, design, implementation and training for support of your local business. We specialize in Microsoft® 365, Office 365, Microsoft® Azure, Data Management, Cloud Security and Disaster Recovery. RTriad helps make your cloud journey smoother by increasing your velocity and understanding, reducing impact of errors and leveraging Microsoft “best practices”. Schedule your no-obligation assessment and learn how to leverage the cloud to pay only for what you need when you need it, reduce risks with better security and scale your growth exponentially with automation.

Cloud Consulting

Get expert guidance from an authorized Microsoft solutions partner to help you assess, envision and create the right roadmap to the ideal cloud solution for your business. With enterprise-grade cloud solutions, you can manage customers, meet compliance, control invoicing, utilize real-time collaboration, protect your vital data with strong disaster recovery tools, and securely access your data across your organization.

With RTriad on your side, you can…

    • Control the cost of scaling your workforce
    • Automate business processes
    • Customize services
    • Reduce operational expenses
    • And much more…

One price, continuous value

You Are Not Alone

RTriad understands how technology directly impacts the business landscape. As cloud technology innovates how businesses operate, people are under constant pressure to learn new ways of adapting. This poses a challenge for businesses to keep their staff’s skills relevant while putting more demands on workers to continue training. You don’t have to do this alone.

RTriad is building a skills development environment called Cloud Army where teams can train and develop skills to adapt to the new technology. The Cloud Army provides organizations and team members a platform to help solve this problem. Employers have access to training their teams or recruit trained staff to fill demand. Individuals may also participate in the Cloud Army platform to train or develop skills and find similar opportunities to branch out. Welcome to the new gig economy.


With the expertise and guidance to leverage cloud computing

We help businesses assess their needs, envision a plan and provide the roadmap to implement the Cloud for growth, including the needed training and guidance to sustain that growth.

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